Three souls. One team. One mission – to give the world smile through everyday products. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sunny morning with aromatic coffee in your unique mug, wonderful dream in soft and comfortable bed linen or a new sentence in your favourite notebook we do believe, that these simple pleasures can make your day more beautiful.

ÅOOMI is a homeware design studio with a focus on making and materiality. The three of us – Patrycja Szymura, Sara Makuch and Kasia Sojka – all met in Art School studying screenprinting design. We have different backgrounds and knowledge in different areas, but our common interest in materiality, experimentation, simple and hand production, using local materials, and referencing the natural Polish landscape in our work drew us together. Now, as a studio, we design and make a range of work – for exhibition, production, commissions, custom projects and collaborations.

Our philosophy

We like to work with a design process that involves thorough research, inspired by nature and narrative. We tend to bounce ideas off each other to explore, build and refine designs. Our work is often embedded with stories, concepts and ideas, and strongly connects to the inspiration. We’re object designers, so our process tends to be pretty similar across all sorts of different materials.

We enjoy the freedom to investigate, experiment, respond to a brief, and then refine a design in a creative way by combining our collective thoughts and skills. When we produce work together it is exponential in its outcome, meaning that it is more than the sum of each of us.