Ceramics collection

ÅOOMI’s first tableware collection has been inspired by structure of stones and minerals. Whole ceramic collection has been created using the colour, texture and structure developed after a very long process of experiments to create an unique glaze. Collection has been manufactured in Poland in the centre of Europe from the highest quality stoneware and with attention to detail. Every piece has been handmade and then handglazed by a local craftsmans what makes final product so unique. The series includes a mugs, bowls, plates and platters designed to mix and match.

We want people to invest in what we do and what we believe in – great materials, great craftmanship, great ethics.

We intend our pieces to be a mixture of function and beauty. We mix different clay and glaze techniques to create unique colours and patterns in contemporary, fine and translucent forms. It is the whole process of creating something new which gives us the biggest satisfaction in our work.

Textiles collection

Burring the line between form and function, our monochrome textile collection is the perfect complement to your living space and bedroom. Each pillow and bedding set is crafted from 100 percent cotton material by artisans in Poland. With an emphasis on sophisticated patterns and original design, ÅOOMI creates pieces that withstand the passing of both time and trends.

ÅOOMI creates pieces that withstand
the passing of both time and trends.

Stationery collection

Exploring all possibilities, going through different paper textures, playing with colours and patterns, trying range of bookbinding and covers, we designed and launched our first stationery collection. Every notebook is handcrafted in Poland from the premium, highest quality paper. Our set of beautifully designed notebooks, journals and posters are the perfect match to your unique office space.